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Product Detail

LFS-MSP500 Solar UPS

Model : LFS-MSP500


1) 50Wp~360Wp solar panel

2) 20A/DC12Vsolar controller

3) 500W/220V(110V) modify sine wave, highfrequency inverter

4) 10Agrid power charger

5) DC5V, DC12V, AC220V(110V) output

6) DC18V, AC220V(110V) input

1. Product Description

500W solar UPS is anew generation of integrative solar product. It represents our company’s latesthigh technology and with below features:

1) Integrative design(grid power, solar controller, inverter in one box), simple structure and process.

2) Wide workingvoltage range for voltage unstable area.

3) Low price &high performance.

4) External batterydesign provide more choice to user for different capacity, and also easy forreplacing.

5) Comprehensivecircuit protection design, with short-circuit protection, over-load protection,over-charging protection, over-discharging protection.

2. Product Structure

Back Side:

1) AC Input Socket (AC INPUT): This socket can beconnected to grid power. There is a 10Afuse inside of this socket, and it will break down when a serious fault occurs.This product has UPS functions: loading consume grid power when grid power ison, and when grid power off, it will switch to inverter supply powerautomatically within 20ms.

2) AC Output Socket (AC OUTPUT): supply power toAC appliances or devices.

3) FAN: on the middle of back side. It startsworking automatically when working temperature over 50, and stopsworking when temperature lower than 45.

(Back Side)

Front Side:

1) Inverter Switch (POWER): This product startsworking when turn on this switch.

2) Positive Pole of Battery Input Terminal (BAT+): Red color, for positive pole of 12Vstorage battery.

3) Negative Pole of Battery Input Terminal (BAT-): Black color, for negative pole of12V storage battery.

4) Grid Power Working Indicator (AC PASS): Whenthere is grid power, this indicator is on, the grid power provides electricityto battery and loading devices. In this case, the inverter stops working.

5) Inverter Working Indicator (INVERT): Whengrid power off, this indicator is on, the inverter starts working and providespower to loading devices automatically.

6) DC5V Output Socket (USB 5V): DC 5V output,max current 2A, mainlyfor mobile devices charging.

7) DC12V Output Socket (DC OUTPUT): DC 12Voutput, mainly for 12V devices, such as DC LED light, DC energy saving light,DC TV, DC fan, DC electric blanket, etc.

8) Battery Energy Indicating (3pcsLED indicators): When all three lights on, more than 2/3 dump energy; when twolights on, dump energy more than 1/3 but less than 2/3; when only one light on,dump energy less than 1/3; when all three lights off, battery energy will beused up soon, battery needs charging immediately. When battery under charging,three lights keep shinning alternately.

(Front Side)

3. Technical Parameter




AC Input

Voltage Range

AC88V~AC132(110V  model)

AC154V~AC264(220V  model)


50/60 Hz



Solar Controller

Rated Input Voltage

18VVoc 21.5V

Rated Capacity


Power of Solar  Panel



(lead acid)

Rated Voltage


Battery Capacity


Grid Charging  Current


Solar Charging Current


Threshold of  Over-voltage Protection


Threshold of low-voltage  Protection





Rated Output Power



High frequency  modified sine wave

Over-load  Protection

If overload less  than 120%, alarm sounds.

If overload more  than 120%, product shuts off, and need manual restart.

Short-circuit  Protection

The product will  shut off and need manual restart.

Over-heat  Protection

Shut off when 80